Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sodastream Source Drink Maker Review

As with all SodaStreams, the Source has a several benefits over buying bottles or cans of soda. Today’s Sodastream Source soda maker review discusses the unique features of the Source vs. other SodaStream models, followed by a quick overview of how DIY soda beats store-bought.

The Source prices in at $99, on the lower end of Sodastream pricing but slightly more expensive than the entry-level Fountain Jet, Play, or Genesis models. The Source and Source Metal are the only models other than the $200 Penguin with lifetime warranties.

For the extra $10-20 over entry models, you get some cool features. Here are the handful of features you get for that extra money:
  • 3 LED indicators to let you know when you’ve reach a light, medium & heavy fizz level; this feature is only available in the Source and the $200 Penguin
  • Tougher construction with nickel plating
  • Snap-lock bottle mechanism to securely snap bottle into place for carbonation; this feature is only available on the Source, Play, and Penguin
The latter feature is quite nice, with the nozzle snapping to an outward-pointing position to accept the bottle, then snapping back inward to keep the bottle secured in place.

Instead of a push button, you press down the whole top-front block, which further secures the bottle. This effect is pretty cool. Combined with the LED lights and sleek form factor, it makes the Source one of the most aesthetically pleasing models, in our opinion.

As with all models but the Revolution, the Source requires no electrical power. This means no cords and no worrying about outlet placement.

This unit uses the smaller 14.5oz CO2 cylinders, vs. the 33oz. tanks some models can use. The tradeoff of this lesser capacity is a sleeker form. For those who like to keep multiple tanks on hand anyway, this isn’t likely to be an issue.

Inserting the tanks is straightforward, though not as dead simple as some other models. They insert through the bottom, and a back panel removes to help get a grip on the tank to screw it in. While the form of the tank compartment makes getting the nozzle in line no problem, twisting the tank in from the back compartment can be somewhat awkward.

Like most Sodastream models, the Source uses 1 liter, BPA-free plastic bottles that are dishwasher safe. The Source is not compatible with Sodastream’s smaller, ½ liter bottles.

Sodastream Source features overview:
  • Sleek, attractive design available in multiple colors
  • Lightweight plastic chassis with nickel plating
  • LED fizz level indicators
  • Snap-lock bottle mechanism
  • Uses 14.5 oz CO2 tank (vs. 33 oz. designs)
  • Accepts 1 liter Sodastream bottles
  • Lower end of price range ($99 out of $79-200)
  • No electricity required
  • Lifetime warranty
We hope you enjoyed our Sodastream Source review! Let us know what you think in the comments and on our social media sites!
All Sodastreams offer advantages versus buying soda and soda water by the can or bottle. They’re more environmentally friendly, saving tons of plastic and aluminum from landfills. Or saving the energy it takes to recycle them. And you control what goes in the water: filtered instead of tap, bought or homemade flavors & carbonation level.

And of course, no one can forget the cost savings. While new Sodastream owners are excited at the savings they’ll make, we can ensure those savings are greater! The SodaMod CO2 adapter for Sodastreams lets you use medical-grade paintball tanks, instead of the proprietary CO2 tanks. Best of all, you can refill them locally for cheap.

Buy a SodaMod today and start saving even more!


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