Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sodastream Crystal Review

Features Overview:
  • Uses glass carafes instead of plastic bottles (we advise buying a 2nd if you go with this model)
  • Improved carbonating mechanism vs. Penguin, the only other model with glass containers
  • Elegant-looking design that we didn’t mind having on our counter-top
Today’s Sodastream Crystal review covers our favorite of the two Sodastreams offering glass carafes instead of bottles. If you’re searching for an elegant-looking soda maker that you won’t mind displaying on your counter, then the Sodastream Crystal might be for you. As serious soda drinkers, we at SodaMod found it worthwhile to spend the $179.99 on this model.

The major advantage the Crystal offers is the use of dishwasher-safe 620ml glass carafes instead of plastic bottles. Only it and the Penguin model offer glass containers. Many users prefer not to have plastic in contact with their food or drink, BPA-free or not. After all, BPA isn’t the only chemical in plastic.

While we tend to agree, and have come to believe that the soda water made in glass tastes better and stays fizzy longer, we do wish the U.S. models came with two glass bottles instead of one. We hear that at least some overseas models come with two. We advise purchasing a second if you decide to go with this model.

The Crystal’s construction is an improvement over previous Penguin models. It uses a button instead of using a lever as the Penguin does, which is less cumbersome to operate and makes it easier to keep on the counter beneath cupboards. We also didn’t like how the Penguin’s lever is awkwardly placed at the back of the machine. Excess gas is released automatically on removal of the carafe.

The glass bottle’s design has improved since originally being released with the Penguin, with screw-on caps instead of the awkward, slide-on caps they used to use. These are relatively sturdy, easy to use, and help retain carbonation longer than store-bought soda.

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All Sodastreams offer advantages versus buying soda and soda water by the can or bottle. They’re more environmentally friendly, saving tons of plastic and aluminum from landfills (or saving the energy it takes to recycle them). You control what goes in the water (use filtered instead of tap water and choose or create your own flavors!) and the level of carbonation.

And of course, we can’t forget the cost savings. While new Sodastream users are excited at the savings they’ll make, we can ensure those savings are much greater! The SodaMod Sodastream CO2 adapter lets you use medical-grade paintball tanks instead of Sodastream’s proprietary CO2 tanks, which you can inexpensively refill locally. Buy one today and start saving money the way you hoped!


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